Stormfix Bungee 21cm x 8mm - black

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The StormFix bungee cord is a highly strong, innovative tensioning cord for fastening banners to a frame.

The StormFix consists of an 8 mm bungee cord with two endpieces (one male, one female) that are connected to each other through the eyelet.

Specifications of the StormFix bungee cord:

- Durable, wear-resistant multicore elastic cord with high tenacity polyester coating.
- Endpieces are made of UV-resistant fibreglass filled polyamide.
- Optimal adhesion between elastic cord and plastic endpieces thanks to a stainless steel Torx screw.
- Four times stronger than the average bungee cord: can withstand a force of more than 100 kg.
- Thickness of 8 mm.
- Completely corrosion-resistant and an extremely long service life!

The StormFix is so popular because it enables you to tension your banner as close as 1 cm to the frame. This has two advantages: the end result looks great and the space within the frame can be optimally used.

Distance between the banner and the inside of the tube at different tube diameters:

- tube diameter of 25 mm: 6 cm between tube and banner
- tube diameter of 33 mm: 5 cm between tube and banner
- tube diameter of 42 mm: 4 cm between tube and banner
- tube diameter of 48/50 mm: 3 cm between tube and banner


  • Size: 21cm x 8
  • Weight: 0.05 kg
  • Article code: STF821


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